Foundation Directors

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  Directors are elected by the board for three-year terms.  Directors pay their own expenses to attend meetings and are required to financially support the Foundation's programs.


    Foundation directors are annual donors to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation and many have also funded endowed scholarships, leadership training and other educational programs.


    The annual meeting of the Foundation is held the Friday preceding the Convention of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.


  • Officers and Executive Committee

    Hanno D. Mott, President 
    David H. Phillips, Vice President
    Ronald S. Katch, Treasurer
    Dennis G. Paese, Secretary
    David S. Rice, Assistant Treasurer

    Directors (Executive Committee Plus the Following)

    Robert S. Weiss 
    Robert B. Fagenson

    Harvey A. Weisblat

    James "Ryan" Robertson

    Jerry Miller  

    Leland E. Garrett, Jr.
    Roy M. Neulicht

    John Paine 

    Sidney H. Guller 
    Lawrence J. Leib

    Nathan C. Margolis

    Aaron M. Girson

    Bradley C. Unger




    Officers of the Canadian Foundation

    Barry S. Arbus, President

    Howard Book, Secretary

    Howard Kornblum, Treasurer