Golden Bronze Society

  • The Golden Bronze Society is the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation's society that recognizes undergraduates who make a donation supporting the Foundation.


    The funds raised through the Golden Bronze Society are used to support educational programs and scholarships benefitting both undergraduate members and chapters. This voluntary initiative and participation allows undergraduates to influence the future of Sigma Alpha Mu.


    Members of the Golden Bronze Society will receive the following benefits:


    For a donation of $20.20 – Membership in Golden Bronze Society, ribbon at Convention & Lapel Pin to wear at Convention, Chapter Leader's Day and other national and regional Sigma Alpha Mu events.


    For a donation of $250 – All the above and a personalized Supreme Prior's Club paperweight & lapel pin.



    Thank You to our 2018 - 2019

    Golden Bronze Society:


    Theta/University of Pennsylvania

    Archit Dhar 


    Sigma Tau/University of Oregon

    Michael Borovinsky


    Beta Omega/Kentucky Wesleyan

    Johnothan Reynolds

    John Forte


    Delta Theta/SUNY Stony Brook

    Yovan Kumar


    Thank You to our 2019 - 2020

    Golden Bronze Society:


    Tau/University of Alabama
    Caleb Sackler


    Sigma Theta/University of Texas
    Alexander Cohan


    Sigma Chi/University of Maryland
    Joshua Mendelson


    Mu Eta/Drexel
    Evan Wilkoff

  • 2015-16 Golden Bronze member Chris Walrath (Hofstra/Delta Alpha) with a gift card donated by a Foundation director.



    2015-16 Golden Bronze member Michael Wilder (Northern Illinois/Gamma Lambda) also with a gift card donated by a Foundation director.