Non-Member Recipients

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to announce the Recipients of our

    2019 Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarships for Non-Members.


    The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation offers scholarships for children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of ΣAM alumni and for daughters of fratres. We also have scholarships for high school seniors involved with USY or NFTY planning to attend college.


    The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to offer scholarships for high school seniors who will be attending college and are involved with USY or NFTY. We also have scholarships available for daughters of fratres. These scholarships are for daughters who are high school seniors and planning to attend college or are currently in college.


    All Scholarship Recipients need to complete the online 2019 Scholarship Acceptance Agreement

    before any check is disbursed--Go here!



    William P. Schwartz & Weiss Brothers Scholarships for Daughters of Fratres

    Shoshana Brustin, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $1,000 

    Shoshana, daughter of Chad Brustin (Arizona), with an interest in film and business attends Santa Monica College.
    Makayla Gill, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $1,000

    Makayla, daughter of James Gill (Nebraska), attends the University of Nebraska and plans to attend medical school.
    Morgan Glickler, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $1,000
    Morgan, daughter of David Glickler (Rutgers), attends the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and plans to attend dental school.

    Miranda Hernandez-Reisch, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $1,000
    Miranda, daughter of Louis Reisch, (San Jose State), attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute and plans to pursue a career in data analysis.
    Brooke Herzog, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $1,000
    Brooke, daughter of David Herzog (University of Texas), attends Indiana University and plans to pursue a career in the healthcare field.
    Kyra Moore, Weiss Brothers Scholarship $1,000
    Kyra, daughter of William Moore (Temple), attends the University of Pittsburgh and plans to attend graduate school to pursue a career in psychology.


    Larry Berman Beta Delta Alumni Scholarship for Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren of Beta Delta Alumni

    Sophia Silberman, Larry Berman Beta Delta (San Jose State) Alumni Scholarship $2,000
    Sophia, granddaughter of Barry Silberman, is a high school senior planning to attend college in the Fall and hopes to go on to medical school.


    Nu/University at Buffalo Legacy Scholarship for Children & Grandchildren of Nu Alumni

    Sophie Ridlon, Nu Legacy Scholarship $500
    Sophie, granddaughter of Ralph Halpern, is a high school senior planning to attend American University in the Fall as a political science major.


    Sigma Beta Alumni Scholarship for Children of Sigma Beta/The Ohio State Alumni

    Emma Altman, Sigma Beta Alumni Scholarship $1,000
    Emma, daughter of Jerald Altman, is a senior at the University of Arizona who will begin a doctorate program in the Fall in preparation for a career in occupational therapy.


    Girson Family Scholarship

    Mallory Bandlow, Girson Family Scholarship $1,000
    Mallory is a senior at Battle Creek High School and plans to attend Western Michigan University as an education major in the Fall.


    NFTY & USY Scholarships

    Samuel Gessman, James Alexander NFTY Scholarship $500
    Samuel is a high school senior who has been involved for four years with NFTY’s Northeast Division and serves on its executive board. He plans to study Jewish education
    at Brandeis University this Fall.

    Joshua Shlefstein, Hanno Mott USY Scholarship $1,000
    Joshua is a high school senior who has served in various leadership positions with the Long Island (Ruach) Division of USY over the last seven years. He plans to study engineering at the University of Maryland in the Fall.