Annual Appeal

  • Donations to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation's Annual Appeal are unrestricted gifts that are used by the Foundation to fund grants for educational programs, support the Foundation's scholarship program and fund the general operations of the Foundation.


    EVERY undergraduate member of Sigma Alpha Mu benefits from the success of the annual appeal. These are the funds that support educational grant programs like Greek Life Edu and provide education on relevant issues on college campuses like hazing prevention and alcohol abuse. 


    Contributions to the Annual Appeal may be of any amount and are tax deductible as proscribed by law. Donors are recognized in the Honor Roll of Donors report and gifts of $250 or more qualify the donor for membership in the Supreme Prior's Club.


    Though gifts to the Annual Appeal the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is able to fund programs and scholarships that reach more than 3000 students a year.


    Contributions may be made by giving online via the link on the right or by sending a check payable to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation at:


    Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation

    PO Box 7096 - DEPT #255

    Indianapolis, IN  46207


    Secure online donations may be made using the link on the right.  Or by calling the Foundation at 317-789-8339.